Saturday, April 6, 2013

What an almost perfect summer's day

It was a barefoot, shirtless, shorts kind of day

Creek-water mud squishing between our toes

The rope swing dangling from the tall oak tree

Inviting us to swing around-the-world if we pleased

What an almost perfect summer’s day


After hours of playing make-believe

Cowboys and Indians and Pirates were we

It was time to head home to dinner

And T.V.  This we all could agree

What an almost perfect summer’s day


It was then that I saw him emerge from the trees

He stood by the creek bank and beckoned to me

“Would you mind staying behind? Take photos with me?”

All this he asked with a smile. “It won’t take long. You’ll see”.

What an almost perfect summer’s day

My world was baseball and marbles and climbing trees

And running and jumping and catching bees

These things I knew and I knew them well

But nothing I knew of photograph

What an almost perfect summer’s day


There are times I wish I were sick that day

Or  being punished and not allowed out to play

But we can not go back nor change what’s been done

We can only forgive and forget and with God’s grace move on

What an almost perfect summer’s day



  1. Tears come to my eyes, as I read between the lines, what changed your perfect summer's day to almost perfect. I liked your examples of joy-filled, child's play on a summer day. I hope all who identify, in some way, with this story, will seek and find healing from these painful, dark places, through unfurling them into the light - of God’s amazing love and grace and the love of others we trust, so we can all once again enjoy "summer days."

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I have kept this secret for over 50 years, only telling my wife about 5-6 years ago. I am learning that God's love and grace is the only thing that can shine light in the dark places if only we trust and allow Him.

  3. You're an inspiration. I'm so thankful that you and God are walking this together <3

  4. I am glad you are allowing God’s light and love and grace to enter into your dark and scary places. Thank you for sharing this deeply personal and soul-shattering experience. I hope and pray that God will continue to do His healing work in your life, as well as, in the lives of all of us who have deep, painful secrets that we have hidden for decades, even possibly from ourselves, in order to survive.

    Interestingly, last week, at our practice writing group meeting, the word drawn randomly to write about was “haunting.” A few of us wrote about difficult memories or experiences. For me, it was the first time I have shared some uncomfortable memories with the group and another member thanked me for sharing and said, “The more we share our difficult experiences with others, the less and less it stings to remember them.” I hope that’s true for all who experience painful memories that could haunt us for life.

    You may find this short piece I wrote, several years ago, interesting: